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Canyoning im Allgäu 
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Canyoning in the Allgäu

Abseiling, jumping and diving through the crystal clear water of the gorges. Are you ready for canyoning in the Allgäu?

Water is omnipresent in the Allgäu and, alongside the mountains and lush green meadows, is undoubtedly a predominant element in this region. Sometimes quiet and ideal for wild swimming, then rushing and sparkling as an adventure playground for the international whitewater scene. Whatever face it shows - the crystal clear water in the Allgäu is always wonderful!

What can you expect from canyoning in the Allgäu!

Anyone who has ever been canyoning in the Allgäu knows what to expect. For those who have never taken part in canyoning tours, we summarize the most important information here. Canyoning is an outdoor sport in which we spend time in nature. Canyoning is a very young trend sport, so perhaps not everyone knows what to expect.

Canyoning tours in the Allgäu are gorge hikes where we follow the flow of the water. Canyoning goes downstream. When climbing gorges you will encounter various obstacles. These are managed in different ways. While you can still climb down smaller rocks, higher or sloping passages have to be rappelled down. The abseiling technique is practiced extensively before every tour and is approved by our state. Always protected by certified canyoning guides.

Waterfalls often form deep pools that allow jumps. After checking the water depth, the canyoning guide will show you the jumps.

Eroded rocks often allow for sliding during canyoning, which gives this sport a lot of fun. It is important to know that jumps and slides are always voluntary. If you don't dare, you can still abseil.  This makes canyoning in the Allgäu a unique experience!

Who is canyoning in the Allgäu suitable for?

Canyoning Allgäu is generally suitable for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and is up for an adventure.

Thanks to the canyoning tours in the Allgäu, which vary in difficulty, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

While we recommend the canyoning beginners tour to families and canyoning beginners, it is suitableCanyoning tour in the StarzlachklammExcellent for people who are sporty or have already gained their first canyoning experience. These are the best-selling canyoning tours in the Allgäu.

If you want something even sportier, there is still that Canyoning tours in the Kobelach in the Bregenzerwald near Dornbirn.

Another fascinating canyoningThe area is the Lechtal.

Ours is ideal for canyoning enthusiasts or those who have caught the canyoning fever Canyoning camp in Ticino, the canyoning Eldorado in the Alps.

Everyone is welcome on canyoning tours in the Allgäu. It is ideal as a family outing, with your partner, as a club outing or even as a company outing.

For corporate customers or large events, we can offer canyoning in the Allgäu for up to 60 people. Thanks to our many years of event experience and cooperation with an established companyEvent agencywe guarantee a smooth process. Our participants are divided into small groups to ensure safety and avoid waiting times in the gorge.

All participants on our canyoning tours  should be physically and mentally fit. You are welcome to clarify the relevant restrictions personally. It is clear that neither drunk nor drugged people can take part in the canyoning tours. Pregnancies and health restrictions should definitely be discussed with your doctor.

What is the process of a canyoning tour in the Allgäu?

If you have decided on a canyoning tour in the Allgäu, you have come to the right place and have taken the first important step. There are many canyoning providers in the Allgäu, but it is important that we only have state-certified canyoning guides who lead the canyoning tours. Since your safety is very important to us, there are no compromises there or when choosing our canyoning equipment!

The best thing to do is to describe your concerns to us by email or by telephone. Since we do not provide an off-the-shelf canyoning tour, it is important to us to find the right gorge for you together. In our opinion, this is best done in a personal conversation.

Once we have found the right canyoning tour for you together, the booking will be made. This will be confirmed by us in writing in the form of the invoice.

On the day of your canyoning tour in the Allgäu you will be warmly welcomed at our canyoning station in Bihlerdorf. You will be familiarized with the equipment for canyoning in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone gets a wetsuit, a self-locking canyoning harness, a helmet and neoprene socks.

If you still need to go to the toilet, you are welcome to use the sanitary facilities. Now it's off to the gorge (a transfer can be organized upon request).

There is an approach and a​e detailed instruction in the technique of canyoning. After the safety talk

it goes into the gorge.  The canyoning adventure can begin.

After the tour we would like to invite you back to the canyoning station. There you can shower or let the day sink in and relax with a cold drink.

For the canyoning tours outside the Allgäu, we meet on site. This saves you a trip.

What canyoning tours are there in the Allgäu?

In Gunzesried there is the Ostertaltobel, this open gorge is ideal for all canyoning beginners. The Allgäu Canyoning Tour in Gunzesried is perfect for anyone who is coming into contact with canyoning for the first time and would like to try out abseiling, jumping and sliding. In the open gorge you can slowly get closer to the canyoning experience, as every place can be avoided. Everyone can slowly approach their limits. This is what makes canyoning in the Allgäu so unique!

One of the most famous canyoning tours in Germany isStarzlach Gorge.

The canyoning tour in the Starzlachklamm is full of action and offers everything you would expect from a canyoning tour in the Allgäu.  Abseil directly through the waterfall. Narrow passage, in tunnel-shaped rock formations, jumps up to 7 meters, and the absolute highlight of canyoning in the Starzlachklamm is the 18 meter final slide.

You should definitely experience this!

If you are not sure which gorge is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you personally!



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