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Safety when canyoning

Safety on canyoning tours comes first

excerpt from theTyrolean Mountain Sports Guide Association Canyoning:

How do you recognize a real gorge guide (canyoning guide)?

A gorge guide (canyoning guide) has extensive training and continually takes part in legally required training courses. 

With great care and experience, the Tyrolean gorge guides (canyoning guides) have been leading their guests through the most impassable gorges in the Alps for many years. But you can also find them on unfamiliar terrain, as they also work as guides in a wide variety of canyons around the world. An element as unpredictable as water requires extreme caution when carrying out a canyoning tour.

A tested and authorized (“authorized”) Tyrolean gorge guide (canyoning guide) can identify themselves, ask for this symbol.

Important points on the ID card:

1. Name

2. License number

3. Additional canyoning training

4. Date of birth

5. Location and street

6. Annual stamps corresponding to the year

Scope of authority1.) Gorge guides (canyoning guides) are authorized to guide and accompany people on gorge tours for a living without using a watercraft or other floating device.2.) A gorge guide (canyoning guide) may take the organizational measures necessary to carry out a planned gorge tour.3 .) Persons who have been granted the authority to act as a gorge guide (canyoning guide) are entitled to use the professional title “ravine guide”.

Safety is clearly the top priority when experiencing canyoning! For this reason, we only work with guides and their companies who are either state-certified canyon guides or mountain guides with additional canyoning qualifications.


We check equipment used on canyoning tours after and before each canyoning tour.
In addition to our professional expertise, the behavior of each individual canyoning participant is also important for safe access to the gorge. Be honest with yourself and assess your abilities correctly so as not to be completely overwhelmed on a canyoning tour! Are you not sure which tour is right for you? Then use the contact form or call us directly+4917639034686 or write to

You can find information about canyoning weather at:

Canyoning weather inAllgäu:

Canyoning weather inReutte:

Canyoning weather inDornbirn:

Canyoning weather inTicino:

Information about the water level and level of the canyoning tours can be found at:

Canyoning levelAllgäu / Gunzesried:

Canyoning levelAllgäu / Starzlachklamm:


Canyoning levelAllgäu / Schwarzwasserbach / Breitach:


Canyoning levelDornbirn / Kobelach:

Important: This data is for informational purposes only. Only canyoning professionals should make decisions based on these water levels. Other crucial factors are important when assessing whether to go on a canyoning tour in the Allgäu! 


Experience canyoning in Allgäu Julian Häring
Experience canyoning Julian Häring
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