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Julian Reischmann | Daniel Klee

Canyoning station Allgäu

c/o ICO Center

In Wasen 16

87544 Blaichach/Bihlerdorf


Tel: 0049 - 176 - 39034686


Tel:  0049 - 157 - 88556822

In the Canyoning Station Allgäu c/o ICO Center

We offer you various canyoning tours in the Allgäu for companies, groups, clubs, school classes, individuals or families. Whether you are a canyoning beginner, someone who is sporty or experienced in canyoning, together we will find the right gorge in the Allgäu for you. The Allgäu offers canyoning tours in various levels of difficulty.  Canyoning in the Allgäu can be experienced from May to October. Each season has its own charm. When canyoning in spring you can expect lush mountain forests, while canyoning in summer you can look forward to refreshing jumps into crystal clear water. When canyoning in autumn, the forest shines in different shades of yellow and red.


We don't just offer you a great nature experience while canyoning in the Allgäu. It is also important for us to offer you a harmonious overall package.

That means specifically:

  • The ICO Center offers the optimal location both before and after the tour

  • individually arranged tours

  • Relaxed atmosphere when welcoming the canyoning tours in the Allgäu.

  • Sanitary facilities with toilets and shower facilities in the ICO Center

  • A bar where we can look at the photos together after the canyoning tour and end the day comfortably.

  • Basketball, table tennis, table football and the bouldering wall are also available to you free of charge after the canyoning tour

  • Of course, we ONLY work with state-certified canyoning guides and only use top-maintained and tested canyoning equipment

  • Our credo: “Our passion becomes your experience” - you will notice that!

This isn't just canyoning, this is

Experience canyoning!

Your canyoning provider in the Allgäu:

The Allgäu offers us an unforgettable experience with clear pools, great jumps, rock slides and fantastic waterfalls. YOU should experience this! The beginners tour is aimed at those who want to experience an adventure in nature. In the open gorge in the Allgäu you have the opportunity to bypass any point. You can slowly get closer to the canyoning experience. Nevertheless, you will find great waterfalls for abseiling, clear pools for jumping and a fascinating landscape.


Process of canyoning in the Allgäu:

The meeting point is at our Outdoor Station Allgäu in Blaichach or directly at the gorge. After the welcome you will be familiarized with the safety equipment. Then you drive to the gorge in your own car. Once we arrive, we have a 20-minute climb ahead of us. Before you enter the gorge, you will receive a detailed briefing. Then it's action. Abseiling, jumping, sliding, climbing, a unique natural experience begins. After the tour you deserve a cool drink, which you can get right when you get out.

The canyoning tours in the Allgäu:

Sporty canyoning tour in theStarzlach Gorge in Burgberg near Sonthofen:

- Rappelling height: Up to 12 m
- Jumps: Up to 4 m
- Water slides: Up to 18 m
- Minimum age: 14
- Total duration: approx. 4 hours
- Time in the canyon: approx. 2:30 h
- Season: May - early October


Included services on our canyoning tours:

- State-certified canyoning guide
- High quality straps and rope material
- Complete canyoning equipment
- Photos from the tour
- Final drink

Bring with you
- Swimwear
- Hand towel
- Sports shoes

- Swimming skills
- Physical health
- Surefootedness

Looking for the exclusive event location in the Allgäu?

ICO Outdoor Center in Allgäu

The ICO Outdoor Center is located directly on the Iller in Blaichach/Bihlerdorf near Sonthofen and is therefore the perfect starting point for outdoor events such as rafting in the Allgäu, tubing in the Allgäu, canyoning in the Allgäu or GPS orientation. The ICO Outdoor Center can be used exclusively for seminars, workshops, lectures, individual coaching and events of all kinds. The cozy bistro, where drinks and snacks are served, is ideal as a lounge or for conversation during seminar breaks. While the grill is sizzling, you can chill out in the outdoor lounge and on the sun deck with mountain views. And if that's too boring for you, there's table tennis, table football, darts, basketball and a bouldering wall waiting for you.

The equipment at a glance:

  • Seminar room with space for up to 30 people 

  • Meeting corner with PC and presentation media

  • Coaching room

  • Indoor and outdoor bistro with chill lounge corner

  • Changing rooms with showers and toilets for rafting and canyoning tours in the Allgäu

  • Sports for the breaks: table football, basketball, table tennis and darts

Further information can be found at:ICO Outdoor Center

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