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Canyoning tours in the Allgäu

There are numerous gorges in the Allgäu that are suitable for canyoning tours.  There are various canyoning tours in the Allgäu. From canyoning beginners and family canyoners to experienced canyonauts, there is a suitable gorge in the Allgäu for everyone. A typical canyoning tour for beginners in the Allgäu is in Gunzesried. A sporty tour is on the other side of the valleyStarzlach Gorge near Burgberg/Sonthofen.

In the surrounding area there are:Schwarzwasserbach, theKobelachor even thatPlansee other canyoning tours, which are easily accessible from the Allgäu.

Since there are different requirements and expectations for canyoning tours, we are happy to advise you personally.

Didn't find anything suitable?

Together we will find the right gorge for you!

Overview of canyoning tours in the Allgäu

Canyoning Allgäu

You can experience unique adventures while canyoning in the Allgäu!

The Allgäu is the perfect starting point for an outdoor adventure.  Whether hiking or mountain biking,  The Allgäu offers a wide range of options, which can often be done alone. When canyoning in the Allgäu, it is highly advisable to contact canyoning professionals or a canyoning provider in the Allgäu. As a professional canyoning provider in the Allgäu, we not only offer you the necessary know-how, you also get top canyoning equipment so that you can fully enjoy the canyoning experience. To ensure your safety while canyoning, only state-certified canyoning guides are available to you. We would be happy to advise you and work together to find the right gorge for you.

You can already find an overview at: Canyoning tours

Canyoning in the Allgäu is ideal as a company outing, company outing, club outing, as a bachelor party or simply as a group outing. Our cozy Canyoning station Allgäuoffers you the optimal location - with showers and various sports options, for example basketball, table football, table tennis, bouldering wall, you can spend time comfortably after the canyoning tour in the Allgäu.

There is also a bar with various cold drinks and snacks, where you can end your canyoning experience in the Allgäu in a relaxed manner.  As the only canyoning provider in the Allgäu, we offer you showers and free photos of the tour.

Where do my canyoning tours take place?

The starting point of our Canyoning tours in the Allgäu, is the Canyoning Station Allgäu in Bihlerdorf/Blaichach near Sonthofen. The ideal starting point, as the most popular canyoning tours in the Allgäu are in the immediate vicinity. You can easily reach our canyoning station via the A7 and A96 to Kempten and from there the B19 towards Oberstdorf to Sonthofen. For rail travelers, we recommend the train station in Blaichach, from there it's about a 20-minute walk.

You can find an overview of the canyoning tours in the Allgäu conveniently and easily on our Outdooractive canyoning tours in the Allgäu overview map.


What can I expect from canyoning?


At theCanyoning in the AllgäuWe walk down a gorge and follow the watercourse. Since every gorge in the Allgäu is different, there are different levels of difficulty. We move around on foot and overcome various obstacles. Sometimes you have to scramble, sometimes you have to climb, run or swim. If the rocks get higher and safe climbing is no longer possible, another canyoning technique is used:

We rappel down. 

We practice the abseiling technique with special canyoning ropes extensively before every tour in an instruction and safety discussion. Canyoning in the Allgäu also has a lot of action in store for you. If the pools below the waterfalls are flushed out and deep enough, they invite us to jump from different heights. Another highlight of canyoning in the Allgäu are the washed-out slides.  In the Starzlach Gorge There is a 16 meter long slide as an absolute canyoning highlight in the Allgäu.


Where can you do canyoning?

Do you want to go on a very exclusive canyoning tour in the Allgäu with your group? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to make you an individual canyoning offer with exclusive use of our Canyoning Station Allgäu.

Are you not sure which tour is right for you?

The guys from your adventures were on the road with us and wrote an experience report for each canyoning tour:

Canyoning Allgäu

Canyoning Kobelach

Extreme Canyoning Rudach


Where can you do canyoning in Bavaria?

Whether as a couple, with friends or as a company outing: When canyoning in the Allgäu you experience real adventures! Start from Canyoning Station Allgäu to the most beautiful gorges in the Allgäu. The Allgäu is a perfect  Canyoning area for beginners and advanced. We'll show you the fascinating corners of the Allgäu at Canyoning Allgäu. Accompanied by state-certified canyoning guides and equipped with top canyoning equipment, as well as canyoning wetsuits specially developed for us, you'll start your adventure: What are you waiting for? Start canyoning in Bavaria!

We guarantee you canyoning adventures of the highest quality!

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